Visual Computing Lab: 3D Gallery

Some of the 3D digital models acquired by our Lab in the framework of different research projects are shown.
Data have been digitized using:

In a few cases, a dowloadable 3d model is available (formats: .ply, .max). These objects are marked with a red star .
You are allowed to use these models for scientific purposes only. We supply here a single resolution; if you need a smaller/bigger mesh please ask


Minerva of Arezzo (Greek Bronze) Archeologic Museum, Florence - Models scanned during restoration
2nd Model
3rd Model
4th Model
Arrigo VII Funerary Complex by Tino da Camaino (XIV Century) Opera del Duomo Museum, Pisa, Italy
Announcing Angel#1
Announcing Angel#2
Announcing Angel#3
Announcing Angel#4
Announcing Angel#5
Arrigo VII
Counsellor dx 1
Counsellor dx 2
Counsellor sx 1
Counsellor sx 2
Male Head
Spyral Column
Virgin Mary
Cagliari Archeological Museum
Chief Warrior
Dea Madre
Michelangelo's David
David's Head

Ecce Homo (Archibishop Museum, Pisa, Italy)

Ecce Homo
Ippolita Sforza bust by Francesco Laurana
Ippolita Sforza Bust


Pisa Cathedral "Piazza dei Miracoli" (Pisa, Italy)
Architrave (lintel)
Carved capitel from the Church of S. Pierino (Pisa, Italy)
Carved capitel from the Church of S.Pierino
Facade of the Troia Cathedral (Lucera Troia, Foggia, Italy)
Facade of Troia Cathedral
Facade of Troia Cathedral (Particular)
Aquisition of the "Pompeii Graffiti" Lupanare house and Forum (Pompei, Italy)
Administrative Forum
Graffiti of Lupanare


Egyptian Glass Vase (Egyptian Museum, Univ. of Pisa, Italy)
Egyptian Glass Vase
Roman - age Ship Wrecks (Marseille, France)
Roman Age Ship Wrecks 1
Roman age Ship Wrecks 2
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