3DNsite is a tool for remote exploration of images immersed in a 3D environment and aligned to a reference model.

This system has been developed in order to simplify location recognition for crisis man- agers and first responders during emergency operations, both for simulation and training. The images are snapshot of the running browser: 3DNsite provides a point-of-view visualization using a collection of photographs of the location and a coarse 3D reconstruction obtained b the same photos. On the upper left side a mapof the place is shown. In this map the shooting point of the photographs are shown as well as the current position of the observer in the dataset. The shooting position of the photographs are either obtained from the device taking the photographs (if equipped with GPS) or computed during data preparation.


The video belows shown 3DNsite at work during a deomonstration training session of the project INDIGO

Software Architecture

Starting from images already aligned with a 3D model and GPS data we perform a preprocessing phase where images depths, descriptors, semantic distances and a geo spatial reference frame are computed. These informations are stored in a metadata index file and used both for 3D environment aided navigation and to set the images cache priorities according with the view paramaters. The 3D model and the geographical reference frame are considered as a kind of "skeleton" of the scenario, where pre-existent images and new images are 3D embedded. From the index file containing the list of repositories the clients access the data by HTTP protocol. The rendering and the caches are updated according with the current viewport parameters, using 3 cache levels: HTTP, RAM and GPU, at the same time the pre-computed informations are exploited to predict and address the user navigation. At run-time one or more images can by inserted in the existent dataset, acquired directly by a mobile client or collected in the main control room by various sources.

More details can befound in this paper

Support and thanks

3DNsite has been supported by EU Project INDIGO