Nexus is a software package for creation and visualization of a batched multiresolution mesh structure. The main goal of such structure is to upgrade the primitive from 1 triangle to ~10000 triangles, removing the CPU bottleneck in multiresolution visualization.

Main features of this library are: out-of-core interactive visualization, multiple instancing of models, http streaming, compression, color per vertex, opensg Nexus node

Future releases will provide: occlusion culling, projective textures using deferred shading, collision detection, point clouds support, point splatting, etc. Read the roadmap for more details

Support and thanks

Thanks, support: VCG, Informatic department in TU Clausthal, 3D-COFORM. also to Kai Hormann for having me write the thesis :)


Technical report, still preliminary and unpublishes

Multiresolution structures for interactive visualization of very large 3D datasets[20Mb]
Federico Ponchio
Phd Thesis

Batched Multi Triangulation
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Interactive Rendering of Dynamic Geometry
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