Texturing Internal Surfaces from a Few Cross Sections


We introduce a new appearance-modeling paradigm for synthesizing the internal structure of a 3D model from photographs of a few cross-sections of a real object. When the internal surfaces of the 3D model are revealed as it is cut, carved, or simply clipped, we synthesize their texture from the input photographs. Our texture synthesis algorithm is best classified as a morphing technique, which efficiently outputs the texture attributes of each surface point on demand. For determining source points and their weights in the morphing algorithm, we propose an interpolation domain based on BSP trees that naturally resembles planar splitting of real objects. In the context of the interpolation domain, we define efficient warping and morphing operations that allow for real-time synthesis of textures. Overall, our modeling paradigm, together with its realization through our texture synthesis algorithm, allow users to author 3D models that reveal highly realistic internal surfaces in a variety of artistic flavors. Talk Slides

Talk Slides