Automatic saturation correction for dynamic range management algorithms



Abstract High dynamic range (HDR) images require tone reproduction to match the range of values to the capabilities of a display. For computational reasons and given the absence of fully calibrated imagery, rudimentary color reproduction is often added as a post-processing step rather than integrated into tone reproduction algorithms. In the general case, this currently requires manual parameter tuning, and can be automated only for some global tone reproduction operators by inferring parameters from the tone curve. We present a novel and fully automatic saturation correction technique, suitable for any tone reproduction operator (including inverse tone reproduction), which exhibits fewer distortions in hue and luminance reproduction than the current state-of-the-art. We validated its comparative effectiveness through subjective experiments and objective metrics. Our experiments confirm that saturation correction significantly contributes toward the perceptually plausible color reproduction of tonemapped content and would, therefore, be useful in any color-critical application. link to the paper

link to the paper

Francesco Banterle
Francesco Banterle

Researcher at the Visual Computing Lab