The Dynamic Collections – a 3D Web Platform of Archaeological Artefacts designed for Data Reuse and Deep Interaction


The Dynamic Collections project is an ongoing initiative pursued by the Visual Computing Lab ISTI-CNR in Italy and the Lund University Digital Archaeology Laboratory-DARKLab, Sweden. The aim of this project is to explore the possibilities offered by a deep, structured interaction with a large set of digital replicas of archaeological artefacts. The project developed and deployed a web-based platform containing a large number of digital artefacts, and a set of dedicated tools to interact with them at a both artefact- and collection-level. This platform has been used in university courses and research activities with positive feedback from the community. In this contribution, we want to describe various aspects of the management of the project, its evolution, and discuss the roadmap of future developments and research directions.

Marco Callieri
Marco Callieri
Senior Researcher

Digital Technologies for Cultural Heritage