A digital platform for the centralization and long-term preservation of multidisciplinary scientific data belonging to the Notre Dame de Paris scientific action


This article explores the design, development and deployment of a digital platform for scholarly work at Notre Dame Cathedral and demonstrates the transformative impact of digital technology on heritage disciplines. By merging technology and human expertise, the platform facilitates the creation, integration, sharing, and analysis of extensive scientific data on the multidisciplinary post-fire study of the cathedral. This multi-layered approach includes community building for collaborative efforts, digital tools tailored to different stakeholders, data structuring approaches for managing multidimensional features, and experience-based workflows for documenting, categorising and semantically enriching scientific and restoration data. The overall goal is to introduce an integrated solution for collaborative studies and to promote a digital memory of the collective initiative in accordance with the principles of FAIR for scientific heritage data. This initiative not only supports the research and restoration of Notre Dame, but also serves as a paradigm for future conservation and documentation efforts in the field of cultural heritage.

Marco Callieri
Marco Callieri
Senior Researcher

Digital Technologies for Cultural Heritage