FlexMaps 2.0

The FlexMaps 2.0 is an interdisciplinary research project that builds on the previous experience, the FlexMaps Pavilion (link: http://vcg.isti.cnr.it/activities/pavilion/), in which the concept of FlexMaps has been successfully applied on architectural shapes. The FlexMaps 2.0 is a wooden structure, whose shape has been selected among a set of possible shapes to challenge the realization of a complex topology within a restricted indoor space. The selected anticlastic design geometry is a non-developable vaulted surface with three outer arch profiles and a central hole. The structure exploits the strengths of the FlexMaps systems of using mesostructured spiral geometry. Thus, it is possilbe to produce bespoke panels with variable stiffness by only modifying the geometrical parameters of the spiral without changing the material.