Federico Ponchio





Research activity

My main research interest is in the field of huge model visualization, from terrains to fluid simulations, my recent publications are available in the VCLab publications page, precedent papers can be found in the older page, here is my phd thesis.

Dynamic geometry

The standard way of representing "dynamic geometry" is by a set of iso-surfaces. An alternative strategy is to represent the whole sequence as a four-dimensional tetrahedral mesh. We show how to interactively render it by improving previous GPU-accelerated techniques and building an out-of-core multi-resolution structure based on quadric-error simplification.
[dynamic geometry]

Virtual Inspector

A tool for interactive visualization of 3D scanned data in the Cultural Heritage domain. Combines intuitive interface with point and click interface, state-of-the-art continuous level-of-detail, flexible GUI structure XML based and multimedia integration.
[virtual inspector, easy access]

Batched Multi Triangulation

Algorith and structures for seamless multiresolution visualization of huge 3D meshes by splitting the model into clusters. Tetrapuzzles is a 3D extension of BDAM (see terrains), while BMT is based on the multi-triangulation framework.
[tetrapuzzles, BMT]

Terrain rendering

Batched Dynamic Adaptive Meshes (BDAM) is an efficient technique for out-of-core rendering and management of large textured terrain surfaces, based on a paired tree structure: a tiled quadtree for texture data and a pair of bintrees of small triangular patches for the geometry. It employs a batched CPU/GPU communication model effectively removing the CPU bottleneck.