New Technologies for the Study of the Ancient Polychromy on Roman Marble Sarcophagi
The approach to the study of the ancient colour was performed in a new way. The main aim was to provide a better knowledge of the original polychromy (colour and gilding) of Roman marble sarcophagi made in Rome (2nd - 4th cent. AD), using 3D Computer Graphic techniques as a link bridge between archaeological data and scientific analyses results.
This use of computer-based technologies with consolidated scientific analyses can succeed in obtaining a common work platform for a better knowledge of this artefacts class and the dissemination of results. In particular, this research has included the test activities of 3D open source software and an Italian Ministerial system (S.I.Ca.R.) to have an effective contribution to the study of the ancient polychromy, the management of the acquired data, and the visualization and dissemination of all results.
Moreover, it has been made a work of detailed and standardized cataloguing of a conspicuous group (no. eighty) of polychrome marble sarcophagi from the collections of the Musei Vaticani, the Museo Nazionale Romano and the Musei Capitolini in Rome.
3D Reconstruction