A Low-Memory, Straightforward and Fast Bilateral Filter Through Subsampling in Spatial Domain

Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 31, Number 1, page 19--32 - February 2012
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In this work we present a new algorithm for accelerating the colour bilateral filter based on a subsampling strategy working in the spatial domain. The base idea is to use a suitable subset of samples of the entire kernel in order to obtain a good estimation of the exact filter values. The main advantages of the proposed approach are that it has an excellent trade-off between visual quality and speed-up, a very low memory overhead is required and it is straightforward to implement on the GPU allowing real-time filtering. We show different applications of the proposed filter, in particular efficient cross-bilateral filtering, real-time edge-aware image editing and fast video denoising. We compare our method against the state of the art in terms of image quality, time performance and memory usage.

The main idea of the proposed algorithm: instead of evaluating all samples around a window (left), Ω, a subset of them, Λ, is used (centre), and their contributions with their respective weights are summed up obtaining the final value (right).

Errata Corrige: -Figure 2: Poisson-disk patterns (PDS) and Monte-Carlo Stratified (jiitering) patterns (SMS) should be swapped.

Interactive Demo in WebGL/SpiderGL using Importance Sampling

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    Have a look to Piccante for a C++ implementation of this algorithm.

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