Image Content Retargeting: Maintaining Color, Tone, and Spatial Consistency

CRC Press - September 2016

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Table of Contents

In recent years visual devices have proliferated, from the massive high-resolution, high-contrast screens to the tiny ones on mobile phones, with their limited dynamic range and color gamut. The wide variety of screens on which content may be viewed creates a challenge for developers. Adapting visual content for optimized viewing on all devices is called retargeting. This is the first book to provide a holistic view of the subject, thoroughly reviewing and analyzing the many techniques that have been developed for retargeting along dimensions such as color gamut, dynamic range, and spatial resolution.

The book is divided in the following chapters:

  1. Introduction (a brief introduction on light, human vision, and color spaces)

  2. Tone and Color Retargeting

  3. Color2Gray

  4. Example Based Transferring

  5. Spatial Retargeting

  6. Quality Assessment

The book provides a brief appendix on edge-preserving filters (i.e., bilateral filter, anisotropic diffusion, , etc.).

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