HexaLab.net: An online viewer for hexahedral meshes

Matteo Bracci, Marco Tarini, Nico Pietroni, Marco Livesu, Paolo Cignoni
Computer-Aided Design, Volume 110, page 24-36 - May 2019
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We introduce HexaLab: a WebGL application for real time visualization, exploration and assessment of hexahedral meshes. HexaLab can be used by simply opening www.hexalab.net. Our visualization tool targets both users and scholars. Practitioners who employ hexmeshes for Finite Element Analysis, can readily check mesh quality and assess its usability for simulation. Researchers involved in mesh generation may use HexaLab to perform a detailed analysis of the mesh structure, isolating weak points and testing new solutions to improve on the state of the art and generate high quality images. To this end, we support a wide variety of visualization and volume inspection tools. Our system offers also immediate access to a repository containing all the publicly available meshes produced with the most recent techniques for hexmesh generation. We believe HexaLab, providing a common tool for visualizing, assessing and distributing results, will push forward the recent strive for replicability in our scientific community

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