QuadMixer: Layout Preserving Blending of Quadrilateral Meshes

Stefano Nuvoli, Alex Hernandez, Claudio Esperan├ža, Riccardo Scateni, Paolo Cignoni, Nico Pietroni
ACM Trans. on Graphics, Volume 38, Number 6 - nov 2019
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We propose QuadMixer, a novel interactive technique to compose quad mesh components preserving the majority of the original layouts. Quad Layout is a crucial property for many applications since it conveys important information that would otherwise be destroyed by techniques that aim only at preserving shape. Our technique keeps untouched all the quads in the patches which are not involved in the blending. We rst perform robust boolean operations on the corresponding triangle meshes. Then we use this result to identify and build new surface patches for small regions neighboring the intersection curves. These blending patches are carefully quadrangulated respecting boundary constraints and stitched back to the untouched parts of the original models. The resulting mesh preserves the designed edge ow that, by construction, is captured and incorporated to the new quads as much as possible. We present our technique in an interactive tool to show its usability and robustness.

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