The Computer Graphics Forum 2018 Cover Image has been selected by the CGF editorial board. We thanks all people who submitted this year, and hope that they will participate to the next year contest.

Winner of the Computer Graphics Forum 2018 Cover Image Contest

Qingnan Zhou (1) and Alec Jacobson (2)

(1) Adobe Systems Inc.
(2) University of Toronto

This image shows all 10,000 models that compose the Thingi10k "Thingi10K: A Dataset of 10,000 3D-Printing Models", winner of the SGP 2017 Dataset Award. The dataset is publicly available and the provided web interface allows filtering on mesh quality and statistics. The image is rendered using Mitsuba and a packing algorithm.

Second place:

Julio Marco (1), Adrian Jarabo (1), Wojciech Jarosz (2) and Diego Gutierrez (1)

(1) Universidad de Zaragoza, I3A
(2) Dartmouth College

The image shows a physically-based render of a staircase scenario with participating media rendered using the technique described in our recently paper Second-Order Occlusion-Aware Volumetric Radiance Caching accepted at Transactions on Graphics. Our technique uses occlusion-aware gradients and Hessians to sparsely place radiance samples over a participating medium, in order to efficiently render the image by extrapolating radiance from those samples.

Third place:

Tobias Günther (1), Alexander Kuhn (2), Hans-Christian Hege (3), Markus Gross (1) and Holger Theisel (4)

(1) ETH Zürich
(2) NVIDIA Advanced Rendering Center
(3) Zuse Institute Berlin
(4) University of Magdeburg

This image shows renditions of a high-resolution cumulus cloud convection simulation. To make this atmospheric air flow visible, we visualized the hyperbolic Lagrangian coherent structures therein, i.e., the separating material surfaces that guide the movement of air. To visualize this Lagrangian scalar field, we used our unbiased GPU-based Monte Carlo renderer.