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Please note that we are (slowly) moving our software tools and libraries to Open Source. Forthcoming packages will be available under GPL license.


Delaunay Triangulation

Topic 3D Delaunay Triangulation
Capabilities Incremental and "divide et impera" 3D triangulation of scattered datasets
Contents DeWall -- A divide&conquer 3D Delaunay triangulator;
InCode -- An incremental construction 3D Delaunay triangulators;
Bubbles -- A utility for the generation of 2D-3D random datasets.


SunOs 4.1
Hp-UX 8.05
Silicon Graphics Irix 4.0
MsDos 3.30 or later.
Any machine with ANSI C compiler (Warning: inaccurate timings).

Download / 3D Delaunay Triangulation Software (567Kb)

Volume Visualization

Topic TAn (Tetrahedra Analyzer)
A Multiresolution Volume Visualization System
Capabilities volume dataset multiresolution representation (based on Delaunay tessellation);
isosurface fitting and visualization (Marching Tetrahedra);
direct volume rendering, through tetrahedra projection ;
hybrid isosurface/tetrahedra visualization;
progressive and multiresolution visualization.
Contents README.install: an info file;
TAn: directory, it contains the executable (TAn), compiled for SGI workstations running IRIX 5.3, and a pixmap file (logo.xpm);
Help: directory, contains the "help on line" files;
dataset: directory, it contains sample rough volume dataset (bucky.16, etc.);
model: directory, it contains sample history multiresolution models, built using TAn from the dataset above (bucky.16.hst, etc.);
rgba: directory, it contains a number of sample transfer function files (rainbow.rgba, etc.).


IRIX 5.3

Download / / Tetrahedra Analyzer v. 1.2 (4457Kb)
Bluntfin Dataset and Multiresolution History File (4100Kb)

Isosurface Fitting

Topic Surfactor - Isosurface Fitting and Simplification on Regular Volume Datasets
Capabilities Marching Cubes like isosurface fitting;
Discrete Marching Cubes isosurface fitting and simplification by facets merging;
Volume dataset browsing.
Contents Surfactor 1.2, Q4 - '97


IRIX 6.3

Download / Surfactor 1.2 (124Kb)
Surfactor 1.2 - User Manual

Surface Graphics

Topic Bumpview - An Interactive Bump Mapping Technique
Capabilities Bumpview is a simple, ready to use bumpmapping renderer, completed with some sample bumpmapped models, to experiment the proposed interactive bumpmapping technique.
Contents bumpview.exe, readme.txt, examples


Windows 9x or NT, and OpenGL drivers

Download / Bumpview 1.1 (9929Kb)

Surface/Volume Simplification

Topic Metro - A tool for measuring error on simplified meshes
Capabilities evaluation of the differences between two triangular meshes.
Contents Metro v2.5 (with ply support)  for SGI IRIX 6.2/6.3


IRIX 6.2/6.3
Download Metro 4.0 Open Source
Metro 2.5 for IRIX (498Kb)

JADE V2.1 -- multiresolution decimation based on global error

Capabilities The package provides an algorithm for simplifying triangular meshes. Given an input model and a user-specified error tolerance, JADE generates an output model that attempts to reduce considerably the number of polygons while staying within the specified error tolerance.
JADE's main features are :
- accurate estimation of the approximation error;
- high reduction factor;
- multiresolution output;
- wide generality and good space/time efficency.
Contents READ.ME - a readme file
Jade2 - executable of the application (includes GUI)
jade2.cfg - program configuration (see Instrucions below)
jadelib - auxiliary library
jademan/ - Jade manual resources (in HTML format, start page is jadeframe.html)
meshdeci - executable of the command line application
ply2mesh,mesh2ply - file conversion utilities
sample.iv - sample mesh


IRIX 6.2/6.3

Download / Jade 2.1 (914Kb)
Topic ECSiT: Edge Collapse Simplification Tool
Capabilities It is a very simple  application consisting of a single dialog box. ECSiT takes a tetrahedral mesh as input and simplified it using edge collapse. The dialog box allows the user to set some parameters of the simplification process.
Contents ecsit.exe


Windows 2000
Download ECSiT v1.0 (68Kb)

Resolution Modeling

Topic ZETA - a Resolution Modeling system
Capabilities Zeta supports the construction of variable resolution models out of a multiresolution mesh represented adopting the hypertriangulation scheme.
Zeta supports:
- efficient extraction of  fixed resolution meshes out of the multi-res model;
- unified and interactive management of selective refinements or simplification;
- easy composition of the selective ref./simpl. actions;
- guaranteed C0 continuity (i.e. no cracks) of the variable resolution mesh produced;
- shape editing capabilities, integrated with the multiresolution represetation;
- interactive response times.
Contents Distribution content:
READ.ME - readme file
Reader - executable of the "history compiler"
sample.zet.gz - sample history
Zeta - executable of the application
Zeta.abt - about window (in Showcase format)
zetalib - auxiliary library
zetaman/ - Zeta manual resources (in HTML format, start page is mainfram.html)


IRIX 6.2/6.3

Download / Zeta 1.0 (2514Kb)

Bas- and High Reliefs

Topic Basrelief 1.0: A tool for the computer assisted generation of Bas- and High reliefs
Capabilities Semi-automatic generation of bas- and high reliefs
Contents readme.txt - readme file
Basrelief - executable of the tool
Temple.iv - sample inventor model


IRIX 6.2/6.3

Download / Basrel 1.0 (165Kb)