PhotoCloud is a browser for datasets composed of:

  • A collection of calibrated images
  • A 3D model over which images are aligned (point-cloud, triangle mesh, ...)

In order to view them in PhotoCloud, they must undergo a specific pre-processing phase, which is performed through the PhotoCloud Index Generator tool.

These pages provides instructions for downloading and installing PhotoCloud, PhotoCloudIndexGenerator, and a guide for their use.

In addition, we provide two sample datasets, so that you can test PhotoCloud without generating a dataset of your own: the first one is an example of an architectural complex, featuring the Cavalieri Square in Pisa (Italy); the second one features the Michelangel`s David statue with pictures shot before and after the recent restoration (2004-2005).


Here are some demonstration videos:

  1. "Piazza Cavalieri" - features the Cavalieri Square in Pisa (Italy).
  2. "Michelangelo's David" - features the famous sculpture with a set of approximately 120 images.
  3. "Piazza Signoria" - features the Signoria Square in Florence (Italy).

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