Piccante is a header-only C++11 open-source (MPL license v2.0) imaging library, specifically designed for High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing. Piccante is modular; this means new filters, algorithms, etc. can be added in a straightforward way to its core. Piccante is easy to use and to integrate in existing projects; to use Piccante you just need to include "piccante.hpp" in your project.

Piccante is multi-platform: it has been tested on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Examples are provided for QT Creator for ease of use, but they can be easily compiled using your favorite developing environment.

Piccante's functions are mainly CPU-based, but we also support high-performance computation for many algorithms with either multi-threading or OpenGL. Managing threads and OpenGL shaders in Piccante is easy.

Piccante is powered by Eigen, the open source C++ library for Linear Algebra. Eigen is already included in Piccante, you do not need to download and install it manually.

Piccante aims to be your favorite tool for producing stunning applications and enriching your visual world. Feedback is welcome!