HDR Image Watermarking based on Bracketing Decomposition



AbstractThe present paper proposes a novel watermarking scheme specifically designed for high dynamic range (HDR) images. The employed embedding strategy is based on a decomposition of the original HDR representation into multiple low dynamic range (LDR) images by means of a bracketing process. After having inserted the selected watermark into each LDR component, the final output is generated by combining the available contributions into a single HDR object. By exploiting some of the well studied properties of digital watermarking for standard LDR images, our approach is able to generate a watermarked HDR image visually equivalent to the original one, while allowing to detect the embedded information in both the marked HDR image and in its LDR counterpart, obtained through tone-mapping operators or by extracting a specific luminance range of interest from it. Several results obtained from an extensive set of experimental tests are reported to testify the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.

Francesco Banterle
Francesco Banterle

Researcher at the Visual Computing Lab