Dynamics of a new seismic isolation device based on tribological smooth rocking (TROCKSISD)


In the field of seismic risk mitigation of art objects, an innovative isolation device is here il-lustrated. The device, called TROCKSISD (Tribological ROCKing Seismic ISolation Device), couples multiple components to dissipate energy and control smooth rocking: spherical con-tact surfaces with frictional layers, elastic springs ensuring re-centering and viscous elastic dampers. The conceptual idea is described and the equations of motions of the two degrees of freedom system presented, discussing the performance-based structural behaviour and the mechanical/geometric parameters involved. Moreover, dynamic analyses are performed to understand the role of the frictional layers with respect to the peripheral dampers in the miti-gation of motion under spectrum compatible seismic records. The results in terms of rocking spectra are presented and comparisons with the equivalent single degree of freedom system without the isolation device are made.

Francesco Laccone
Francesco Laccone

Architectural Geometry