The WebRTIViewer is a HTML5-WebGL viewer for high resolution RTI images (PTM and HSH) and standard images (JPEG, PNG and TIF). It allows the visualization of your image in a standard web page without the installation of any plugin using a recent web-browser (Google Chrome from the version 9.0, Mozilla Firefox from the version 4.0, Internet Explorer from the version 11.0 and Safari from the version 6.0). The download link contains all the necessary tools for the preprocessing of the image to create a multi-resolution streamable format (the webGLRTIMaker tool) and for the visualization of the image in your HTML page (WebRTIViewer). All the information about the tools are contained in the readme file.

The WebRTIViewer and the webGLRtiMaker are available under the GNU General Public Licence version 3. If you use the viewer in your site please send me an email.


Sarcophagus (PTM, resolution 2930 x 2224 pixels)
Tomb (PTM, resolution 3492 x 2280 pixels)
Coin (HSH, resolution 3750 x 3750 pixels)
Space (TIF image, resolution 10666 x 6000 pixels) Image courtesy of NASA/JPL


New version with faster and robust preprocessing for big images, improved visualization and improved touch interaction for mobile device.
Link (code, binary and examples)

Drupal module for webRTIViewer (by Avgoustinos Avgousti - Cyprus Institute).


For the web visualization, the image must be preprocess with the command line tool webGLRTIMaker that creates the multi-resolution format to load in your web server. To preprocess the image you must execute the following command line:
$ webGLRTIMaker.exe pathtothefile -q 90
with the filepath of the image and a quality value (in example 90). The quality can accept value in the range 0-100 (100 = maximum quality). The tool creates a new folder (with the same name of the image) with all the data to store in the web server. You can copy the new folder in your web server.

The folder "webViewer" contains the code of the HTML5 RTIViewer. To simply show an image you must add the following code in your HTML page:
<div id="viewerContainer">
  <script  type="text/javascript">
    createRtiViewer("viewerContainer", "webrti", 900, 600); 
The function createRTIViewer takes the following parameters:
  • the id of the div tag that must contain the viewer ("viewerContainer" in the example)
  • the path on your server to the folder that contains the proprocessed image ("webrti" in the example)
  • the size in pixel (width and height) of the viewport of the viewer (900 and 600 in the example)

Projects that use the web-viewer

The Coin Collection of Palazzo Blu
The Coin Collection of San Matteo National Museum
Integrating Spectral and RTI Project
Cuneiform Digital Library
Manuscripts of Lichfield Cathedra - The St Chad Gospels
Documenting and Interpreting Petroglyphs and Inscriptions at El Morro National Monument
Hoa Hakananai'a Statue
A New Record of Pre-Columbian Engravings in Urubici (SC), Brazil using Polynomial Texture Mapping
National Museum of Korea
A Unique Engraved Shale Pendant from the Site of Star Carr: the oldest Mesolithic art in Britain
Cypriot Mediaval Coins History and Culture
American Southwest Virtual Museum


Storytelling of a Coin Collection by Means of RTI Images: the Case of the Simoneschi Collection in Palazzo Blu
Gianpaolo Palma, Monica Baldassarri, Maria Chiara Favilla, Roberto Scopigno Museums and the Web 2014 - February 2014

Telling The Story Of Ancient Coins By Means Of Interactive RTI Images Visualization
Gianpaolo Palma, Eliana Siotto, Marc Proesmans, Monica Baldassarri, Clara Baracchini, Sabrina Batino, Roberto Scopigno CAA 2012 Conference Proceeding, page 177-185 - March 2012