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Monday, September 22


Aula Magna del Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica
via Ospedale, 72 - Cagliari





Marco Tarini

"Fun on the GPU"

Graphic Processing Units were originally designed to do graphics, but eventually they become more of general purpose hardware for exploiting the implicit parallelism of a much wider (and expanding) set of applications. Languages arose which let a programmer exploit these capabilities with hardly any reference to Computer Graphics or rendering. Is the time for CG-specific quirks and tricks past? That's not the case. Within rendering related tasks, some core CG operations, like texture access, attribute interpolation, or rasterization itself, lend themselves to reused in few ways which are a simple, unconventional, little known but unexpectedly useful.


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Paper Session 1: Rendering techniques

B. Keinert, H. Schäfer, J. Korndörfer, U.Ganse, M. Stamminger
Enhanced Sphere Tracing

J. Taibo Pena, A.Jaspe, A. Seoane Nolasco, M. Agus, L. Hernández Ibañez
Practical line rasterization for multi-resolution textures

R. Ivo, F. Ganovelli, C.A. Vidal, R. Scopigno
Adaptive clipping of splats to models with sharp features

C. Weber, M. Stamminger
Stateless Level of Detail Lighting for Automotive Visualization


End of works


Social event

Ristorante Sa Piola

Tuesday, September 23


Short Paper Session

G. Cherchi, F. Sorrentino, R. Scateni
AR Turn-by-turn navigation in small urban areas and information browsing

S. Fiorini, M. De Biasi, L. Ballerini, E. Trucco, A. Ruggeri
Automatic Generation of Synthetic Retinal Fundus Images

F. Stanco, G.Gallo, G. Cannata, M. Lombardo
Multi-modal digitalization of Cultural Heritage Artifacts

F. Corda, F. Sorrentino, R. Scateni
CHROMAGRAM: A real-time Chroma Key application for mobile devices


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Paper Session 2: Tools and applications

A. Baldacci, F. Ganovelli, M. Corsini, R. Scopigno
Stereo-browsing from Calibrated Cameras

N. Asuni, A. Giachetti
TESTIMAGES: a large-scale archive for testing visual devices and basic image processing algorithms


Posters and Eurographics Italy Thesis award

Award cerimony of the annual Eurographics Italy prize to the best theses. This year the recipients are:

Master Thesis Award (Laurea Specialistica o Magistrale)
Katia Lupinetti
Title: Search of subparts in CAD models

Bachelor Thesis Award (Laurea Triennale)
Fabrizio Corda
Title: A real-time Chroma Key Application for mobile devices

The recipients will present their thesis work to the attendees in a dedicated talk.




TADES Tutorial

Technologies for Archival, Distribution, and Exploration of high-resolution triangulated 3D Surfaces models
The tutorial is organized by the TADES project financed by Sardegna FESR 2007/2013/Asse VI-6.1.1.A/Azioni Cluster Top Down

First part:
Meshlab and the VCG library (VCG, ISTI-CNR Pisa)


Coffee break


Second part:
Mobile graphics (ViC, CRS4)


End of works