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Visual Computing Lab and Alchemy, and an Invited Talk
February 2015

Hi there! Two highlights:
- We collaborated with Opificio delle Pietre Dure and Guggenheim Museum Venice for an exhibition about Alchemy, one of the most important paintings by Jackson Pollock. In the context of the monitoring and conservation campaign, we 3D scanned the painting, and produce an accurate 3D model. The model was used for an interactive kiosk at the exhibition, and to be 3D printed by Océ, a dutch 3D printing company. Find some time to visit the exhibition, or at least to visit our dedicated website!
- I will be one of the invited speakers at 3D-ARCH conference in Avila, Spain. I will talk about Apperance acquisition and visualization for CH.

3D Graphics for CH course, 2015 edition
February 2015

On 23rd February, the new edition of my 3D Graphics course in Pisa is going to start. If you are using the material why not citing this ?
I also published a paper about a student project, you can have a look at it here.

Cumulative update
March 2014

It was a busy winter, now two things to report:
- I started the new 3D Graphics course in Pisa. If you are using the material why not citing this ?
- Selection for the next Virtual Heritage School are open. Destination Sicily...

October 2013

I found some time to update the website a bit (even the CV! ).
I started changing a bit also the research topics section as well. Please check also for the publications page for the latest papers...

Spring news
March 2013

After a nice winter (dejà-vu) I'm back with a cumulative update. Three important things:
1) In July we will host the 5th Edition of the Virtual Archeology School, which aims at giving a detailed overview on some important topics in the field of Digital Archeology. We tried to keep the costs as low as possible, Pisa is a very nice venue, think about it and tell it to your friends/students
2) In June, we will also host CGLibs , an event related to the Eurographics Italian Chapter, where several smart (open source) libraries will be presented. There's also a call for posters and best student theses, check it out!
3) In October there will be the first edition of Digital Heritage, which federates a number of events related to cultural heritage and technology. The aim is to create a strong event, with lots of people attending. Deadline for submission: 16th June.

Ah, I also started the new edition of the University course in Pisa, I'm updating a bit the slides and the datasets. Check the teaching page.

Autumn news
October 2012

After a nice summer (and an EG submission rush...) I'm back with a cumulative update. Three things:
1) Among the newly accepted papers, there's one I'd like to point, which is a method for Fully automatic image registration, published on International Journal of Computer Vision. The good thing is that it's already partially implemented in MeshLab (only SVN version), and it could be useful for a variety of applications.
2) Our Laboratory has been partially reorganized and three main topics of research have been found. This won't change a lot because we will keep on working in the old way (strong collaboration and "cross-fertilization" among all the people in the lab). The new VCG website shows this. I was made responsible for the "3D graphics for Cultural Heritage" section. It's an essentially honorary charge, but I'm happy about this.
3) Following the last release of MeshLab, I re-started posting new video-tutorials on MeshLab, on the corresponding Youtube channel. The goal is to release a new tutorial every wednesday, covering first of all the new color projection pipeline.

A visit to Brazil
May-June 2012

I'm currently visiting my friend and colleaugue Ricardo Marroquim at Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro. A nice change to see what he's currently doing in his Computer Graphics group. And a great change to visit a wonderful city...

ISTI-CNR Young researcher award 2011
6th March 2012

Quite unexpectedly, I won the ISTI-CNR Young Researcher award 2011. It's assigned to the young researchers who made the highest number of publications. My colleague Nico Pietroni, who's making wondeful things, got the award too.

2012 Edition of 3D Graphics Course
February 2012

The page (in italian...) of the 2012 edition of the "3D graphics for Cultural Heritage" is online. Anyway, the material for 2011 edition is still available. First lesson: 23rd Feb, 12.00, Aula H.

Spotlight on the Flow
January 2012

Our paper "Flow-Based Local Optimization for Image-to-Geometry Projection" has been selected as the "spotlight paper" for the March Issue of IEEE TVCG. Hence, you can download it for free (only for one month) from the journal homepage. Enjoy!

A seminar on 3D for Cultural Heritage
December 2011

From this page it's possible to download a seminar (in italian) about the use of 3D in Cultural Heritage. It is part of a group of seminars in the field of Humanistic Informatics. Enjoy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Another recent visitor map
November 2011

People from all the continents come and visit my personal page... the world is strange!

A book on Digital Imaging for CH
2nd August 2011

Finally the book "Digital Imaging for Cultural Heritage Preservation: Analysis, Restoration, and Reconstruction of Ancient Artworks" is available to the public. My colleagues and I contributed with a couple of chapters, related to geometry acquisition and uses of 3D in the context of Cultural Heritage.

Visit to Vancouver
15th-22nd July 2011

In the second half of July, I've been in Vancouver for a week, attending ICIAM conference. I also took the chance to visit the GrUViLab at Simon Fraser University, and the Computer Science Department at UBC. Richard Zhang and Gordon Wetzstein were incredibly nice, and I hope we'll find a way to collaborate in the future. It's a pity that Siggraph was not close enough to stop there...

VAST 2011
Deadline: 5th July 2011

Please find here the Call for Papers for the 12th Symposium on Virtual reality Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.
I'm one of the organizing Chairs: the Conference will take place in Prato in October. There's the possibility to contribute with Full or Short papers, or propose half or full-day Workshops or Tutorials.
Let me just stress the fact that the best papers will be re-submitted to ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage.
You can contact me for any clarification.

New journal papers
20th May 2011

Finally a few papers I've been working on have been published on journals.
The first one uses optical flow to improve the quality of color projection from images. This works really fine and we're using it a lot. This is the associated page.
The second one is about the Portalada project, a very complex scanning campaign that brought to very interesting results. You can find it here.
The last one presents a way to use images to complete scanned models, with the aid of a laser diode or projector. On IJCV!.

A new key tutorial
1st April 2011

Today I uploaded an important Tuorial in Mr. P channel. It's about a longly requested feature, the Undo! Have a look at it here. Enjoy!

A Youtube channel for MeshLab Tutorials!
15th March 2011

I did it. And now it's too late to turn back. I created, with the help and the sponsorship of Mister P., a Youtube channel where I will upload tutorials on various aspects of handling, processing and presentation. You can find it here. I will upload some new tutorials in the next days. If you want to contribute, just contact me, it would be great to create a kind of documentation in this way.

CV Updated
14th February 2011

I made my yearly update of the CV, it's in the AboutMe section.

A visit to Lund University
31st January - 5th February 2011

I recently spent the first week of February hosted by the University of Lund, in Sweden. I was invited there by my colleaugue and friend Nicolò Dell'Unto, to show something about 3D acquisition techniques and MeshLab to a group of Digital Archeology Master students (website here).
It was a nice experience, possibly leading to further collaborations in the future (maybe something in October, stay in touch).

Scanning of Donatello Capital
16-17th December 2010

Just before Christmas we went for a scanning acquisition in Florence.
The object was a bronze capital by Donatello, originally placed on the façade of a Prato church. After the restoration, the plan is to replace the real capital with a bronze copy, so that the original can be preserved in a museum.
In the photo, Frederic, Gianpaolo and Massimiliano during the acquisition.

A recent visitor map
October 2010

I had a look at the origin of the visits to my site in the last weeks: actually I'm covering a large part of the world! Well, this is thanks to the link from the MeshLab page... Anyway, have a look at the visits from the other side of the world.

Meet Matteo at eHeritage Workshop 2010
25th October 2010

On monday 25th October, the eHeritage workshop will take place in the context of ACM Multimedia Conference, in Florence. I'm one of the Organizing Chairs, it's a small event but the presented works are nice and various. Check the program on the website. And if you are around, come and attend to it!

Meet Matteo at VAST 2010
20th-24th September 2010

In a few weeks time I'm going to attend the VAST conference in Paris. I'd like to announce that during the first day (21st Sept.) there will be a couple of tutorials. I will collaborate with the one about Digital Imaging techniques, but there will be another interesting MeshLab course, presented by my colleagues Marco Callieri and Guido Ranzuglia. I will also present a paper on Tuesday afternoon. See you in Paris.

DEADLINE EXTENDED Second Workshop on eHeritage and Digital Preservation
25th October 2010

The deadline for the submission to the Workshop has been extended to 17th June: think about it...

Second Workshop on eHeritage and Digital Preservation
25th October 2010

Please find here the Call for Papers for the second Workshop on Electronic Heritage and Digital Art Preservation. It will be part of the ACM Multimedia Conference in Florence.
The official website is www.imago.ufpr.br/ehw10/ Let me just stress the fact that the best papers will be re-submitted to ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage. You can contact me for any clarification.

Italian School of Virtual Archeology
29th April 2010

From 28th June to 9th July, there will be the second edition of the Italian School of Virtual Archeology. There are still some available places, please visit the official site. You will also have the incredible chance to meet me by person!

CAA 2010
6th-9th April 2010

In the first days of April I was in Granada, Spain, for CAA. A very interesting conference about Computer Aided Archeology. It was nice, although it's not very clear how much Technichal and Archeological partners are able to communicate... anyway, a very nice experience.

My first MeshLab course
18th-19th March 2010

In March I gave my first comprehensive MeshLab course. During a two-days immersive experience, a willing class of German/Italian students of every age learnt the basics and the main things you can do with this very powerful tool: if you never used it, you must download it: www.meshlab.sourceforge.net !
This was a very nice experience, maybe the solution for the lack of documentation will be the on-site training. It could be also a way to finance the development and maintenance of the software. Ah, the venue of the course was the amazing Palazzo Budini Grifoni Gattai in Florence, the new temporary (?!?) seat of Kunsthistorisches Institut.

Visit to University of Cape Town
24th February - 5th March 2010

Finally after one year trying to organize the visit, I've been in the Geomatics Department of University of Cape Town. The group headed by Prof. Heinz Ruther is working on an extremely interesting activity , the Zamani Project. These people, are extremely experienced in 3D Scanning, but more importantly they are incredibly collaborative and nice. It has been a very interesting experience, and hopefully it will bring to some nice future results. In the meantime, visit the site of the project, become a fan of it in Facebook and advertise it!

Tag Clouds
February 2010
I've been in Pilsen for a couple of days (WSCG 2010). Not bad, a lot of snow! I played a bit with tagclouds, they are a nice way to "indirectly " describe something. The first one was generated using my publications page:

The second one is the result from the Research page of this site:

I found that the presence (and size!) of most of the words is correct, to show what I like to work on.

New year, old life?
January 2010
Happy new year to everybody. I'm confident that this year will be better than the last one, and maybe there will be also some news about my job. I'm starting again to travel a bit. Leaving in a few days for Czech Republic...

Workshop on 3D acquisition in Cyprus
2-6 November 2009
After three years, I was back in Cyprus to train a group of very nice and motivated people on the use of Meshlab to cover the whole 3D scanning pipeline. A special experience, in a special place.I'd like to thank all the people who were there, in particular Karina and Denis.

Mission to the Eastern Countries
11 October 2009
I'm just back from a 10 day mission to the Far East. First Japan, for the eHeritage workshop in the context of ICCV in Kyoto and for a visit to Takeo Igarashi's User Interface Lab in Tokyo. Then Korea, for Pacific Graphics in Jeju. I presented two papers, everything was fine, a great experience!

Best Paper at VAST!
22-25 September 2009
One of our papers has been selected for a re-submission to the Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage. I'm happy that the presentation went well, it's my first prize in a Conference!

Back to work
September 2009
After a hard summer, I'm back to Pisa... looking for a new house and with a couple of trips approaching. Wish me good luck, please.

Yearly CV update
July 2009
I uploaded an updated version of my CV (both in italian and in english). It's in the "about me" section. Well, it was only one year old...

Matteo Dellepiane, Phd!!
29 May 2009
In the end it ended! I finished my Phd with a spectacular final presentation of my research topics. Here's on image with a proud and special friend.

Scanning campaign in Rome (second try)
18-19 May 2009
The goal was (again) to acquire both a marble head in the National Roman Museum and a portion of the Ara Pacis. This time things went better, we have a pretty big portion of the Ara Pacis. No marble head yet, but better than nothing...

Scanning campaign in Rome (first try)
18-19 May 2009
The goal was to acquire both a marble head in the National Roman Museum and a portion of the Ara Pacis. Well... something went wrong with the Scanner cable. So we had to go back to Pisa with the lowest amount of scans ever made: zero! On the left side an image of the delusion of my colleague Max.

Scanning campaign in Cefalù
8-14 March 2009
In the first half of March I was in Cefalù Cloister for a scanning campaign in the context of the Cenobium project. We acquired 10 capitals: really a nice place with nice people!

Writing my PhD thesis
February 2009
So I'm approaching the end of my PhD experience... and here's the last effort: the writing of my thesis. It almost done, but it was really hard. Here's a picture of my irrepressible enthusiasm --->

InnovTech for Archeo
12-13 February 2009
There has been an interesting Conference about Innovation and Technology in the context of Archaelogy. There was plenty of students and interested people. Marco Callieri begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and I made a short course on 3D scanning: let's hope some new nice work will come out!

Mission to Cartagena
26-28 November 2008
In the last days of november I've been in Cartagena, Spain, for a short scanning campaign. We were host of the Museum of SubAcquatic Archeology ARQVA and we scanned several objects of their collection. Nice place and nice museum!

Matteo (and Visual Computing Lab) on TV!
2nd June 2008
Today my Lab and I have appeared in TG1 on RAIUNO (the main state TV in Italy). It was a short report about our activities in the field of 3D Scanning for Cultural Heritage. I also appear twice (with my best shirt on!). You can download the report (in italian!) from here! Have fun...

Incredible but true...
20th May 2008
After ages of good intentions, disastrous experiments and prolonged oblivions, a very first version of my new personal webpage is ready! My idea is to give an overview about my research interests, the ideas I'm working on and maybe some more personal stuff.

Welcome to my personal site

Here you can find some information about my research interests and activities. I'll try to keep it updated, and add also something about me!

Please visit also the Visual Computing Lab site to know something more about my colleagues and the place where i live now.

Benvenuti nel mio sito personale

Potrete trovare qualche informazione sui miei interessi e attività nel campo della ricerca. Cercherò di tenere aggiornato il sito, e aggiungere anche qualcosa in più su di me!

Per saperne di più sul posto dove vivo e lavoro ora visitate il sito del Visual Computing Lab.

Ah, and here's my travelmate: