Application of 3D technologies in the field of Cultural Heritage

The research activity in this field takes focuses on the creation of tools for processing and visualization of 3D models, and support to the work of experts in the restoration, monitoring and study of works of art. Some recent work has focused on: the reconstruction of the original color of the marble works ( the Sarcophagus of Ulpia Domnina link), the restoration of statues through reassembling from fragments (Madonna of Pietranico link), the use of methods of 3D reconstruction from images to support the work in archaeological excavations (in collaboration with Lund University link), monitoring the fractures on Michelangelo's David link.

Application of color information of 3D models

The goal of this line of research is the development of new methodologies for mapping color information ( coming from digital photo sets ) on three-dimensional models. In particular, in the context of applications for Cultural Heritage, I addressed issues related to the need to manage highly complex three-dimensional models ( models from 3D scan, consisting of tens or hundreds of millions of triangular faces ) and very dense photographic surveys (tens to hundreds of high-resolution images link). Major recent works focused on the preservation of the color details in the transfer from the images to the 3D surface link, and on the use of video sequences for the estimation of color and material properties for complex objects link.

Remote presentation of complex 3D content

The growth of the availability of three-dimensional data has led to the issue of how to remotely represent complex models. This is usually obtained through the new framework WebGL (eg collaboration with the Visionary Cross Project link). Also integration with mobile devices to support tourism ( project VISITO Tuscany link) was explored .

Development and dissemination of MeshLab

MeshLab link, an open source mesh processing tool developed by the Visual Computing Lab, is one of the tools used by operators in CH for the treatment and presentation of 3D data. The work in this field was mainly devoted to the development of new components ( in particular those regarding the mapping of color information link) and dissemination link, through numerous tutorials , courses and workshops.

3D capture via scanning or multi-view stereo matching

As part of the basic research, and in collaboration with European and Italian projects, numerous campaigns scanning in sites of great interest were carried out. These include: Michelangelo's David, Portalada de Ripoll link, Pompeii Insula VI link, Sarcophagus of the Spouses , Piazza della Signoria, Florence link, Ruthwell Cross , Pisa Cathedral, the Cloisters of Monreale and Cefalu link, Museum of Delos.


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