Daniela Giorgi

Institute of Information Science and Technologies "Alessandro Faedo" (ISTI)

National Research Council (CNR)

Via G. Moruzzi, 1

56124 Pisa, ITALY

Email: daniela.giorgi@isti.cnr.it

Phone: +39 050 6213126

About me

Since June 2018, I am a researcher at the Visual Computing Lab at ISTI-CNR, in Pisa. My research interests include 3D shape analysis, computational geometry and topology, computer graphics, computer vision, healthcare applications.

Employment history

Formerly, I was a researcher at the Signal and Images Lab at ISTI-CNR (Mar 2012 - May 2018), and a researcher at the Shape and Semantics Modeling Group at IMATI-CNR, in Genoa (Mar 2006 - Feb 2012) .


I got a PhD in Computational Mathematics from the University of Padua in 2006, and a Laurea Degree in Mathematics from the University of Bologna in 2002.



  1. Our digital fabrication paper Metamolds: Computational design of silicone molds was presented at SIGGRAPH, Aug 2018
  2. Invited lecture: Geometry and Topology for 3D Data Analysis, Workshop on Computational Topology in Imaging, SIAM Summer School on Mathematics in Imaging Science, University of Bologna, May 2018
  3. PhD course on Shape Analysis and Geometry Processing, Dept. of Mathematics and Dept. of Computer Science, University of Pisa, Mar - Jun 2018

Publications (selected)

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