Fragment Reassembler is a computer-assisted method for virtual reassembly.

Fragment Reassembler provides the user with enough degrees of freedom to allow toexploit his experience and intuition (as an art historian or a restorer) in an interactive and intuitive manner. Once the user has selected some correspondences or constraints, the system searches for an ideal solution, using a global energy minimization that considers all the pieces involved in the reconstruction process at once. Additionally, our framework provides the possibility to work with the pieces in a hierarchical way.

This approach matches with the traditional physical procedure that archeologists use to reassemble tangible fractured objects.
The frameworks is designed to work also with pieces that could have been severely damaged or eroded.

Automatic approaches may often fail on those datasets, since the fractured regions do not contain enough geometric information to infer correct matches. We present some successful uses of our framework on real application scenarios.

These pages provides instructions for downloading Fragment Reassembler and its documentation.


Here is a tutorial video featuring the project file available in the download page:

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