Random data!

Keltic Knots!

Spline based knots. Use at your own risk. Hint: for best results, click between circles, not on circles; 1..9 keys reset screen. Have fun! Good from mobiles too! A small toy I created to experiment with EMscripten.


Ok, this is tiny/lame, but we made this little Hangman game in classroom (halfway during the course of Web App dev, to test with Ajax/JavaScript/etc), which turned out to be almost kinda half-entertaining, so there.

World map Porn!

Aka Spinnable World Maps. Create your own world maps! The embeddable widged version won prizes! With William Casola.


A small game I made (mostly in one night) to test Unity. Plays in browser. Just 5 levels long. Can you beat it?


A quite extensive modding tool to deal with a lot of 3D assets for the game Mount and Blade and others (3D models, animations, etc), by talesworld entratainement. In the forums, you'll find the feature list, download page, screenshots, whatsnew, translations, etc. Also, downloadable from NexusMods.

Warning: anything below this point is, like, > 10 years old.

(that stands for Electronic Palantir ;) a small exercise I made: an electronic version of a The Confrontation, a Lord-of-The-Ring themed board game.


Just a small software toy I made. It shows 3D shapes and object on the desktop. Why not to try it out... You might be surprised at the effect.

The beauty of Go

A chess player for most of my life, I recently discovered the beauty of Go. I'm a beginner: you can see my current rank here.

High Energy Juggler!

Can you juggle matter and anti-matter balls in spectacular creation/annihilation combinations? No? Neither can I. But try my program to see that in my juggling page!

Tumble Bugs

Want to see one of my favorite game concepts? You can download a demo of Tumble Bugs, the game I've designed and developed for Voxar back in 1997.