Dell Unto's publications with Visual Computing Lab

Publications in 2021
Fredrik Ekengren, Marco Callieri, Domenica Dininno, ├ůsa Berggren, Stella Macheridis, Nicolo Dell Unto
Open Archaeology, Volume 7, Number 1, page 337--352 - 2021

Paola Derudas, Nicolo Dell Unto, Marco Callieri, Jan Apel
Publications in 2015
Nicolo Dell Unto, Anne-Marie Leander, Giacomo Landeschi, Matteo Dellepiane, Marco Callieri, Daniele Ferdani
Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, Volume 23, Number 1, page 73-94 - 2015
Publications in 2013
Matteo Dellepiane, Nicolo Dell Unto, Marco Callieri, Stefan Lindgren, Roberto Scopigno
Journal of Cultural Heritage, Volume 14, Number 3, page 201-210 - May-June 2013

Nicolo Dell Unto, Daniele Ferdani, Anne-Marie Leander, Matteo Dellepiane, Marco Callieri, Stefan Lindgren
Digital Heritage 2013 International Conference, page 621-628 - November 2013

Nicolo Dell Unto, Matteo Dellepiane, Marco Callieri, Anne-Marie Leander, Stefan Lindgren, Carolina Larsson
CAA 2012 Conference Proceeding, page 199-207 - 2013
Publications in 2011
Marco Callieri, Nicolo Dell Unto, Matteo Dellepiane, Roberto Scopigno, Bengt Soderberg, Lars Larsson
VAST: The 11th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, page 33-40 - October 2011
Publications in 2010
Nicolo Dell Unto, Matias Wallergard, Matteo Dellepiane, Stefan Lindgren, J. Eriksson, B. Petersson, Roeland Paardekooper
CAA 2010 Conference Proc., page 569-570 - 2010