PhotoCloud is a complex system composed of various modules, some of which have been described in a few publications.

PhotoCloud: Interactive Remote Exploration of Large 2D-3D Datasets

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This system-paper summarizes the global architecture behind PhotoCloud, including all the preprocessing phases, the client and the server structures, and the joint 3D/2D interface (integrated navigation system and image browsing).

PileBars: Scalable Dynamic Thumbnail Bars

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This paper describes the image browsing module, which allows quick and space-efficient browsing of large photo collections. In PhotoCloud, this thumbnail bar is integrated with additional mechanisms of mutual interaction with the 3D scene navigation
(an alternative model for a thumbnail-bar, also developed by our group and considered for inclusion in the next versions, can be found [here]).

Joint Interactive Visualization of 3D Models and Pictures in Walkable Scenes

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This short paper briefly describes the joint 3D-2D visualization technique employed by PhotoCloud to seamlessly enrich the 3D scene visualization with data consisting of 2D calibrated pictures.

Batched Multi Triangulation

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This paper describes Nexus, the multi-resolution system to visualize large 3D meshes employed by the 3D visualization module of PhotoCloud. This system works in a client/server settings and features a continuous resolution dynamically varying according to factors like downloaded data and view-distance (to optimize performances).
See also Nexus own [project page].