Marco Callieri

Marco Callieri, Ph.D.


Visual Computing Lab


Via G. Moruzzi 1

56124 Pisa

How to reach me


office    +39 050 3152608

mobile  +39 348 7456037

skype    marcocallieri

My office

Visual Computing Lab,


Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione

Edificio B, Ingresso 7,

Piano 1, Stanza I51a



I am a Senior Researcher at the Visual Computing Lab of ISTI-CNR (institute of Science and Technologies of Information - National Research Council), in Pisa. I have a Ph.D. and a Master's Degree in Computer Science.

My main research activity is focused on the use of digital technologies and in particular, 3D computer graphics, in the Cultural Heritage field.

I am an expert in 3D scanning and digitization of real-world objects, especially Cultural Heritage artifacts. I have extensive expertise in data processing and 3D model creation. I have worked a lot on methods for the color capture and photographic mapping onto 3D models.

Currently, I am working on the web-based visualization of 3D models.

I am a developer of MeshLab, and the main architect of 3DHOP

I have coordinated and carried out various 3D scanning campaigns, both in Italy and abroad.

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Visual Computing Lab

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LinkedIn - Marco Callieri

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Google Maps - Room I51a ISTI

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