Short BIO

January 2013 Permanent researcher   at Visual Computing Lab at cnr of Pisa in Italy.

May 2010 Back to Italy, post-doc  at Visual Computing Lab at cnr of Pisa in Italy.

November 2009 – April 2010 Visiting Academic at Media Research Laboratory, New York University New York City,
NY,USA under the supervision of prof. Denis Zorin and prof. Olga Sorkine
May 2009  Got the PHD in Computer Science at the university of Genova under the supervision of Fabio Ganovelli, Paolo Cignoni and Enrico Puppo.

September 2006 – February 2007 Visiting PHD at Computer Graphics Lab, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, under the supervision of prof. Miguel A. Otaduy and prof. Markus Gross

May 2004 Got my Master Degree, Computer Science, Dipartimento di informatica, University of Pisa. And  joined the Visual Computing Lab at cnr of Pisa in Italy.

Recent Projects

ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 Global parametrization from Range Image Sets

We present a method to globally parameterize a surface represented by height maps over a set of planes (range images)....


ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2011Simple Quad Domains for Field Aligned Mesh Parametrization

We present a method for the global parametrization of meshes that preserves alignment to a cross field in input while obtaining a parametric domain made of few coarse axis-aligned rectangular patches,which form an abstract base complex without T-junctions. The method is based on the topological simplification of the cross field in input, followed by global smoothing

IEEE VIS 2011An interactive local flattening operator to support digital investigations...

Analyzing either high-frequency shape detail or any other 2D fields (scalar or vector) embedded over a 3D geometry is a complex task, since detaching the detail from the overall shape can be tricky. An alternative approach is to move to the 2D space, resolving shape reasoning to easier image processing techniques. In this paper we propose a novel framework for the analysis of 2D information distributed over 3D geometry, based on a locally smooth parametrization technique that allows us to treat local 3D data in terms of image content.