Robust Field-aligned Global Parametrization

Ashish Myles, Nico Pietroni, Denis Zorin
ACM Trans. on Graphics - Siggraph 2014, Volume 33, Number 4, page Article No. 135 - 2014
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We present a robust method for computing locally bijective global parametrizations aligned with a given cross-field. The singulari- ties of the parametrization in general agree with singularities of the field, except in a small number of cases when several additional cones need to be added in a controlled way. Parametric lines can be constrained to follow an arbitrary set of feature lines on the surface. Our method is based on constructing an initial quad patch partition using robust cross-field integral line tracing. This process is fol- lowed by an algorithm modifying the quad layout structure to en- sure that consistent parametric lengths can be assigned to the edges. For most meshes, the layout modification algorithm does not add new singularities; a small number of singularities may be added to resolve an explicitly described set of layouts. We demonstrate that our algorithm succeeds on a test data set of over a hundred meshes.

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