Visual Computing Lab publications

Publications in 2016

Proceedings of Archeofoss: Free, libre and open source software e open format nei processi di ricerca archeologica, page 210-218 - 2016

Giovanni Pintore, Fabio Ganovelli, Enrico Gobbetti, Roberto Scopigno
SIGGRAPH Asia Symposium on Mobile Graphics and Interactive Applications 2016 - 2016

14th Eurographics Workshops on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (EG GCH 2016) - 2016

Rivista di Studi Pompeiani, Volume XXVI-XXVII - Dicembre 2016

Giovanni Pintore, Valeria Garro, Fabio Ganovelli, Marco Agus, Enrico Gobbetti
In Proc. IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) - 2016

The 13th European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP) - December 2016

IEEE Transaction on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Volume 22, Number 9, page 2160 - 2173 - September 2016

Eliana Siotto, Clara Baracchini, Ulderico Santamaria, Roberto Scopigno
Archeologia e Calcolatori, Volume 27, page 131-151 - dicembre 2016

Engineering Structures, Volume 116, Number 1, page 70-82 - june 2016

Asla Medeiros e Sá, Karina Rodriguez Echavarria, Nico Pietroni, Paolo Cignoni
Eurographics Workshop on Graphics for Digital Fabrication (2016) - 2016

Marion Lamé, Federico Ponchio, Ivan Radman-Livaja, Bruce Robertson
Proceedings of the Second EAGLE International Conference., page 267-282 - Jan 2016

Computer Graphics Forum (special Issue of Pacific Graphics) - 2016